Who can attend camp? Where do campers stay?

Our programs are for campers 8-14. Boys and girls attend at the same time and are housed in separate cabins in different parts of camp. 15-18 year olds may be eligible for our CIT/ Jr. Staff program.

How much does camp cost?

Because of our generous donors, we offer all sessions at a reduced rate. Each camper’s fee is calculated individually using:

  • Your family's income
  • The total number of people in your household
  • Whether you're attending a five-day or 12-day session

For more information, please contact the Camp Bovey office at 612-787-4030 or


What does the cost of camp include?

Your camper’s fee covers housing, meals and snacks, programming, and transportation to and from camp. 


What is the food like at camp?

Our food is delicious and nutritious! All meals are prepared by our kitchen staff and served family-style in the dining hall, where each table is staffed with one or two staff members. Along with lots of food variety, we offer snacks throughout the day, and we are well-prepared to accommodate a range of nutritional needs.

Camp Bovey serves nutritious meals to children without an additional charge to you. This is possible because federal reimbursement is received for meals served in accordance with regulations governing the USDA Summer Food Service Program (SFSP). To document eligibility for these funds, statements of household size and income must be obtained from parents or guardians. This information is kept confidential.


Who are the staff at camp?

Our staff are caring adults who interview with both the Camp Director and the Youth Program Director at East Side. All must be at least 18 years old and successfully pass a criminal background check in order to work with our campers.  Many are college students who have grown up at Camp Bovey and are now entering a career such as teaching or outdoor recreation.  Our pre-camp training covers everything from behavior management and program management to outdoor cooking and camp songs!  Additionally, all staff are CPR and First Aid-certified, and many are certified lifeguards. 


What if my child takes medication or requires immediate medical attention?

Camp Bovey has a health center and a nurse who handles day-to-day services and needs. Our medical director reviews our treatment procedures annually, and we make arrangements with the local emergency services before summer begins to ensure swift medical attention if needed.


How do I know that my camper is safe?

At Camp Bovey, we ensure the highest quality and safety standards for your child. Camp is accredited by the American Camp Association (ACA) and is inspected every year by the Wisconsin Department of Health and the local fire department and every three years by the USDA. We must pass and maintain their guidelines in order to be licensed. 

Camp Bovey goes through a careful review of items such as hiring policies, emergency procedures, staff training, program plans, and site and food safety. In addition, all camp staff go through a week-long training that includes CPR and first aid certifications. Many staff are also certified life guards.

How can I stay in contact with my camper?

Not only do our campers love to receive letters in the mail, but we also accept camper mail at the bus stop on Monday — so you can save on postage! In addition, emails sent to will be printed and given to children with regular mail.

What activities can my camper participate in?

There is something for everyone at Camp Bovey. Each day, campers have opportunities for swimming, sports, art and nature education, boating, fishing, archery, singing, environmental education, performing arts, visual arts, team building, hiking, large group games, and making new friends. Swimming lessons are provided for beginning swimmers by a Water Safety Instructor (WSI).

What is the Counselor-in-Training program?

Our Counselor-in-Training (CIT) program is a leadership program that teaches teens ages 15-18 how to be a strong leader and a compassionate role model. Participants begin the process even before heading to camp by meeting with the Camp Director throughout the year. To learn more about becoming a CIT, click here. To become a CIT, follow the Camper Registration Application process.

Have more questions or want to speak directly with our Camp Director, Kathy Kolosky?  Contact her directly at (612) 787-4030.



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