At NECDC, infants age 6 weeks through 16 months adhere to an individualized schedule based on their unique needs. Teachers plan each child's day — including feeding, napping, and diapering — according to information provided by parents.

The infant classroom maintains a 1:3 teacher-to-child ratio.

In the infant program, teachers sing songs, read books, rock and comfort babies, and provide an array of large and small motor activities that are developmentally appropriate for each child’s age. Indoor activities also include tummy time to strengthen the body. 


Through exploration and play, toddlers age 16-33 months gain mastery over their environment. Creativity and freedom of choice are encouraged as children begin to assert their independence.

The toddler classrooms maintain a 1:5 teacher-to-child ratio.

NECDC offers daily hands-on activities, sensory play with sand and water, outdoor play for large motor skills, construction with blocks, and art experiences that prepare children for their transition to preschool. Classrooms include toys displayed on low, open shelves, tables with small chairs, and individual cots for napping.


For children age 33 months through kindergarten, NECDC's preschool classrooms have a strong focus on self-mastery skills and school readiness. We offer one-on-one attention from caregivers while encouraging self-help skills such as learning to button and unbutton sweaters or zip and unzip jackets. Children who are in the process of potty training are given encouragement and support. The preschool program emphasizes socialization skills as children learn to play creatively and cooperatively in both large and small group interactions.

Classrooms maintain a 1:7 teacher-to-child ratio.

Goals for our preschool children include:

  • Building early literacy that will help your child succeed in school
  • Preparing your child emotionally and socially for personal success
  • Gaining support in your role as your child’s first and most important teacher

We accomplish these goals by helping children gain the following skills:

  •  Vocabulary
  •  Storytelling 
  •  Cognitive skills
  •  Sensory skills
  •  Creativity
  •  Safety
  •  Science
  •  Pre-writing skills
  •  Math
  •  Art
  •  Motor development 
  •  Language/literacy
  •  Pre-reading skills
  •  Hand-eye coordination
  •  and more!


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