Our approach to youth programs 

We believe:
All youth can and will learn.

All youth should have the opportunity for meaningful learning experiences before or after school.

All youth learn differently, so we must teach to individual learning needs.

Reflection is key in our effectiveness.

OST is an optimal time for significant learning gains, both academically and socially.

Our most effective programmatic aspect is our staff team.

Our staffing teams:
All staff team are designed to meet the needs of each individual youth. Staff are considered the most effective aspect of our work. All teams include a full-time Program Manager along with other key staff members such as a Lead Youth Worker, Licensed Teachers, Literacy Coordinators, Tutors, College Interns and Community Volunteers.

Our team also includes additional support from a Creative Arts Therapist, Educational Consultant and Quality Assessment Specialist.

Staff participate and present  in and at numerous trainings, work-shops and conferences.

Parent Involvement:
Parents are the key influencers in their child’s education and our best partner!

We strive to communicate with parents via phone, in person or through weekly notes. Parents are encouraged to volunteer in the program or to come share a skill or hobby!

Quarterly family events are scheduled year-round and include parent education, focused conversations, activities, resource sharing and an opportunity for staff to receive feedback.

Our goals:
1. Youth will have increased opportunities to develop and apply leadership and work-readiness skills.

2. Youth will have an increased sense of belonging and confidence as they relate to their school, family and community.

3. Youth will increase their academic success in an intentional learning environment designed to meet their individual needs.


Programmatic Structure:









Helping individuals, strengthening families, building community
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