The Preschool Program – 33 months to kindergarten

Preschool classrooms have a strong focus on self-mastery skills and school readiness, which offers one-on-one attention from the caregivers, encouraging self-help skills such as learning to button and unbutton sweaters, zip and unzip jackets. Children who are in the process of potty training are given encouragement and support. The Preschool Program offers a wide variety of experiences with an emphasis on socialization skills as children learn to play creatively and cooperatively in both large and small group interactions.
  • Classrooms maintain a 1 : 7 teacher to child ratio


Goals for our preschool children include:

  • Building early literacy that will help your child be ready to succeed in school
  • Preparing your child - emotionally and socially for personal success
  • Gaining support in your role as your child’s first and most important teacher

We accomplish these goals by helping children gain the following skills:

  •  Vocabulary
  •  Storytelling 
  •  Cognitive skills
  •  Sensory
  •  Creativity
  •  Safety
  •  Science
  •  Pre-writing skills
  •  Math
  •  Art
  •  Motor development 
  •  Language/literacy
  •  Pre-reading skills
  •  Hand-eye coordination
  •  and more!

Helping individuals, strengthening families, building community
This information is available in alternative formats for people with disabilities
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